Sales Quote Built Fast!

Sales Quote

Choose to build a simple Sales Quote with a couple items for new or existing customers. Create a project and group all the quotes together on one file. Or you can quickly create project and link an existing quote.

Never re-type the same sale quote again!
Use the duplicate feature to create copies of a sales quote in only a couple clicks of the mouse.

Want to send out sales quotes to many of customers? Duplicate your quotes for all the bidders on your list in only a couple clicks, Bid Monster will keep all the quotes together with the project once it finally awards.Email the quote direct from Bid Monster. 

Bid Monster will auto-address an email to the contact selected and  send direct from the worksheet screen. Let us show you have the Sales Quotes features help save you time.

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Sales Quote

*Ask us about customizing your quote to be unique and one of a kind.