Product Configurator in Bid Monster is fast!

Product Configurator

Bid Monster has integral product configurator feature that allows the user to configure simple or complex products. This feature also works with the virtual assembly builder. Both are used without leaving the quote worksheet page. The product configurator can handle configuring simple or complex products. You can get information from the same brand or different brands of  products. Everything can be configured on the same line item as an assembly.

The product configurator does 3 things at once:

  • Quote description
  • Order code – Part string – Smart Number
  • Pricing
Go straight to the next item and price a different size or simply change the manufacturer and or model to create a new product without leaving the screen.

Need to make a adjustment or have a part number to look up? Use the Bid Monster “reverse look up” tool and get the configuration without having to make a choice.

product configurator

Ask us about adding different Brands

In the Product Configurator we sort by brands then by product. We what to make it easy, fast and accurate to price up a sales quotation for the user to get the quote to your client as quickly as they expect to have it back. We can build custom applications for the hardest of products and materials. We can customize the the order string to make it fit better in your ERP system or just to make it a “SMART” part number. Also, we can customize sales quote description to better fit the needs of your industry and client base. We want your clients  experience to be as clear and detailed or concise as it needs to be so you will book the order every time.See more at our You Tube Channel

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