Welcome to Bid Monster

Welcome to the Bid Monster a simple CRM with lots of added features that can help you close more sales and build better relationships by being better organized with quicker more accurate responses to your clients. The application has many built in ready to use features that will help you and your team members save time and lessen any errors by having your pricing, information and contacts all in the same easy to use application.

Never type the same thing again!

Cloud Based Technology

Cloud Computing applications help you have one application that does all your needs without swapping in and out of different programs. Bid Monster is designed to help you save time and automate many tasks you want to do or should be doing, but never have the time.

Create or update the a quote, project or contact and it will be saved everywhere you need it. Get your information on the any device with an internet connection. Collaborate with your team members, never do double work again.

Responsive Display

Bid Monster works on virtually any device using browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and others. The display will reshape itself no matter the display size, letting you access your information at the office or on the road. Always when you need it with an internet connection. No VPN’s or complicated links required just your log in information.
Responsive Display

Secure Log In Screen

Bid Monster is cloud computing at its best. A secure platform with all the security to provide a safe haven for all your information.
Laptop Log in Screen

Back Up Your Data 

Our cloud based system automatically backup up your information so you never need to worry about your computer or mobile device getting lost of stolen the information will be there the minute you hit the save button.

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