Bid Monster: The Proof Is In The Profit

We help you keep all your bidding opportunities organized and give you simple analytics to make your team shine to all your clients and prospects! Don’t pay a ransom for a “pay-per-user” system, use CRM System.


Keeps your team in front of the competition.

Bid Monster
Easy to Use Features


Get all you important data in the first screen.

Project Form

Project Form

Quickly Add all your project information and use the integral CRM to insert all your contacts.


Bidder List

Collaborate with your team anytime with all your information.


Endless Possibilities: Bid Monster is you need!

No more speadsheets in different places to organize your bidding project have your whole team collaborate in one place!

Incredible Features:

Bid Monster is loaded with useful features, each one designed for your industry. We listen to our users and integrated their features and requests on a regular basis. Bid Monster is not only built by us, but also by our users.

Ultra-Responsive Design

Bid Monster is 100% responsive on all your devices.

Mobile Access

Get your information anytime from your mobile device wherever you are.

Access Everywhere

Collaborate in real time with your team. Update the records every time.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • Fully Customizable Options

  • Mass Contact Importer

  • Auto Updates

  • Search Everything

  • Visually See Projects

  • Dashboard Short Cut

  • Product Configuator

  • Drag and Move Bid Dates

  • Track Low Bids

  • Keep Project Notes

  • Track Project Progress

  • Link to Files

  • Bidders List

  • Jobwalk Information

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Ridiculously Easy Setup:

Many applications claim to have a quick setup, but leave you dealing with several  files to manually import. Who wants to do that? We sure don’t. Bid Monster truly offers a quick, easy setup. Install the application and it is ready to use. It doesn’t get any easier, our  contacts importer is a beautiful thing get up and running fast.

Need More Custom?

What Else?

If you want more features ask us about our custom building features. Add just about anything you can think up all in one application. Keep all your files together in one easy to find place.

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